I’ve been thinking about gay icons and how most (not all) young gay guys look up to strong female idols. Many gays will argue about who is better but there is no doubt that they helped you growing up as a gay teen. They gave you hope even if you didn’t realize it. Some of them have saved lives. It’s interesting how most gay guys have similar idols. Most of the notorious gay icons represent the courage most in-the-closet gay guys didn’t have. Most of these women aren’t scared to express themselves sexually. They don’t let men or other women define them. They are free and powerful, despite living in a culture that shames women for being open sexually and that shames women for being in charge. We owe them the biggest thank you.

(Of course they are many more I didn’t put in this gifset)

Every gay guys has their icon!

Why no PINK!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?